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Delicious Pendant
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Delicious Pendant

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You can't buy happiness... But you can buy ice cream and that is pretty much the same thing. So check our Delicious Collection. Because life is better with Ice Cream!

Delicious Pendant, handcrafted in sterling silver and set with pink opal, chrysopraze and yellow ulexite stones. Big and tasty!

Match it with other items from the same collection to finish your  mouth-watering look. 

Material: Sterling Silver 925

Stones: Pink opal, chrysopraze and yellow ulexite.

Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.5 cm (2.48 x 1.37 Inch)


Please note, each piece is handmade to order. That means you may wait for your order for up to 3 weeks...but it's worth the wait.